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About Us

Rehmani.in is guided by three principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, commitment to operational excellence, and customer’s trust on us. Rehmani strives to be India’s Most Customer -Centric Company, India’s Best Employer, and India’s Safest Place to Work.

Our Aim

Rehmani’s “One Day” aim is does everything with new energy and entrepreneurial spirit of a new world on its first day.

“An incredible amount of untapped talent in the region, and the local environment is very pro-business.”

Our Featured Services

Online Appointment Doctors

Booking Car, Room & etc.

Home Appliance Services

Rehmani.in is a diversified online shopping platform, offering products ranging from electronics and fashion to home and appliances. Rehmnai has received several rounds of funding from famous investors and venders for the top spots in India’s e-commerce landscape.

Rehmani.in is an online B2B marketplace for Indian companies. A competitor of Amazon, Filpkert & Alibaba, Rehmnai.in allows manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters to propose their products directly through the platform to get contacted by its visitors.

Rehmani.in is originally an e-commerce shop dedicated to refurbished goods, offering a wide range of mobile phones and electronics that have already been used and restored to original condition.

Rehmnai is originally a specialized store for beauty e-commerce selling products from multiple brands. Since then Rehmnai has developed its own line of cosmetics and opened multiple brick-and-mortar stores across India.

Rehmani is also an online pharmacy and healthcare information website. Rehmani provides online consultations, lab tests and a mine of medical information in order to better serve the Indian market and population’s need, and be able to direct its visitors to the right medicine or product from its shop.

Rehmani is also an online bookstore where are u buy more interesting and amazing books such as stories, books, magazines, and poems, horror, social, historical, and schooling books.